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     Essential Oils? What's the Big Deal?

     So many people are talking about the benefits of essential oils for both emotional and physical well being!

     We offer introductory classes to teach how to incorporate oils into Living the Wellness Lifestyle.

     Keeping with our technically innovative philosophy, we utilize an instrument, the iTOVi scanner, to analyze the      body and create an individualized report of essential oil recommendations.




   7 Steps to Peak Energy Workshops

  The premise for the 7 Steps program is based on research that shows that 95% of all Americans surveyed       do NOT have enough energy and AGE is NOT a factor!


  The purpose of the workshop is to share information with your group that will show you:

   How to increase your energy by up to 40%?

  • How to increase your productivity by up to 40%?
  • How to reduce stress in your life by 50%?
  • How to increase mental clarity by up to 33%.
  •                                                   How to help your body function on a Peak Level.

Dr. Geno provides the audience with practical strategies for improving how their body feels and functions. The Peak Energy Solution is proven to increase energy levels over 30% in only 14 days. Over a course of 8 weeks, employees report marked changes in their natural energy levels. In addition to practical tips, Dr. Geno can provide the audience with demonstrations of exercises they can do to improve the strength and flexibility of the back and neck areas.









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